Who is "Jacob"?

I’m a few things. Passively, I’m a pie baker (or as I like to call it ‘Pie Smith’), Cartoonist, avid music listener, and clothes appreciator. Notable facts regarding my interests are as follows:

Best Pie I’ve baked to date:
Blackberry Earl Grey (Recipe has yet to be perfected)
- Still haven’t been published in the New Yorker 
3 Discographies I’m knee deep in:
Janko Nilovic’s, Knxwledge’s, and The Death Grips’ 
- Constantly aggravated by the lack of good corduroy on this earth.

In my paid time, I’m enjoying life as a Jr. Art Director at EnergyBBDO.
If you choose to hit me up, answer me this:
Big or small, what’s the most recent thing you’ve learned? 

P: 817.948.9145
E: jacobwarhop